WestCURC’s Civic Partners

Westwood is fortunate to have many civic organizations that work to promote the community and make it a better place to live.  Each of these partners have strengths and a critical role to play in the revitalization of the neighborhood.  When these groups take advantage of their assets and work together amazing things can happen in Westwood.    WestCURC is an active partner in many of the other activities in the community.  The success of WestCURC is linked to the success of these other organizations and a healthy, vital Westwood will depend on them all.

The Westwood Civic Association is the voice of the residents in the community.  It serves the role of a traditional community council.  Civic has played and will continue to play an important role in keeping the community clean and safe.  They coordinate with the City on blight removal, safety, zoning, and represent the elected, formal voice of the community to the City. Civic also plays a key role in the coordination and collaboration with schools and police and fire representatives.

The Westwood Coalition is in many ways a unique organization that not all communities have.  It is an organization that formed around the need to help convene a number of different organizations and interests in the community in a positive way.  The Coalition includes representatives from each of the community organizations and local business owners.  Their mission is to facilitate communication and coordination throughout the community.  They have become a true Westwood “booster”, promoting a vision that sees the revitalization of the historic business district as key to enhancing the image and marketability of the overall community.  The Coalition plays a critical role in convening organizations, businesses and residents to participate in community planning.

The Westwood Historic Association is a group of committed, passionate people who hold the history of the community.  They promote the wonderful historic architecture of the community and the stories of the people that make Westwood what it is.  They have pursued this mission with the ever successful historic home tours. They have great knowledge for all on how to take care of and love Westwood’s historic homes.  They are the keepers of the stories and the places that make Westwood.

Westwood Works is a relatively new organization in the community that was formed to support the events and celebratory side of the community.  Works with its young membership is communicating to the larger community in new ways, reaching a more diverse audience, and encouraging all to have some fun in Westwood.

A critical part of the civic life of a community comes from the time and energy people dedicate to their churches, schools, athletic teams, and other associations and organizations they belong to.  Reaching out to these critical community partners is a critical part of creating the network of community life and they are an important part of the civic infrastructure of Westwood.    Institutions and businesses are also an important part of the civic network of a place and reaching out to these partners, even those not in the traditional business district strengthens the community.

The City of Cincinnati is a critical partner in the revitalization of Westwood and the support and help from the City in everything from blight elimination to implementing the “bow tie” are important to the success of Westwood.  Relationships with other regional partners like LISC, the Port Authority and others are partnerships that benefit the community.