The Westwood Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation is a non-profit community corporation located in the diverse, historic, and largest neighborhood of Cincinnati. Through property acquisition and redevelopment and the facilitation of development activities, WestCURC will contribute to the revitalization of Westwood, leading to stabilization and reinvestment, increasing the value of Westwood properties, and making Westwood an attractive destination and a thriving community.  Working with stakeholders and community associations, a long term action plan guides the focus and investments of WestCURC, recognizing the diversity and striving to increase representation of minority stakeholders in Westwood policies and decisions.

 Organizational Values:

  • We will work collaboratively with other civic partners
  • We will work to be inclusive
  • We will engage Westwood residents and businesses in everything we do
  • We will partner productively with City and regional partners
  • We will promote a positive, asset-based culture in Westwood


To keep updated with the Westwood community’s plans, learn about Form Based Code, the community organizations that are working to revitalize Westwood, and all things related – go to Revitalize Westwood, the Westwood Coalition’s web site



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