Business Owners Invited To December 4 WestCURC Meeting

All Westwood business owners are invited to attend the next meeting of the Westwood Community Urban Redevelopment Corp (WestCURC) at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, December 4 at the recently opened Madcap Education Center.

Among its purposes, WestCURC represents the interests of business owners in Westwood’s historic business district in dealings with the City of Cincinnati. In the recent past WestCURC has partnered with other civic organizations in developing plans for the park grounds around Town Hall. WestCURC has worked with the City to bring a Westwood version of Nation Restaurant to the fire house on Epworth, and has played a part in the ongoing expansion of West Side Brewing. Currently, WestCURC working with the City on plans to calm traffic moving through the business district on Harrison and Montana. In addition, WestCURC hopes to extend bicycle lanes and routes to Westwood Town Hall and on streetscape improvements along Harrison between Montana and Boudinot.

At the December 4 meeting, Caroline Duffy, a consultant working with WestCURC, will present an update on the latest developments with the traffic calming efforts and the streetscape improvements.

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